Jase Takes Over

Looking back on 2020 – our business

2020 has been a tough year for many, but for CS  – it has been a great year. We started 2020 as a mortgage and protection business and we ended the year with 20 advisers; including four financial advisors, which means the pensions and investments arm of the business is going from strength to strength.

Our business has expanded, we started in the Leeds area and towards the end of last year, we branched out into the northwest and hopes for this year are to expand into the northeast region too.

Back to the start…

CS Mortgage Solutions started trading in July 2017, when we only had three advisers and by September, we had six advisers – so our growth to 20 advisers at the end of this year is a real achievement for us.

It was important right from the start to build a brand from the business – people buy into our brand and they are then more likely to continue working with us, so this ethos has been at the forefront of CS.

We had hopes and dreams of expanding into the protection arm of the business to ensure we can offer a variety of services depending on what part of the financial process people are in and can offer expert advice from specialists within various financial fields; from mortgages to life insurance.

Location doesn’t limit advice

We are a business operating from coast to coast and with the advancements in technology, there is no geographical limit to the financial advice we can give our clients. Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, we were using Zoom to talk to clients over the phone – and you would still get the same five star service from us.

Pre COVID, we already had a system where clients would log on to their own portal and upload any relevant documents – so as a firm, we were already in a strong position to weather the storm of a global pandemic that would essentially shut the country down.

Visions for 2021

One of our main 2021 visions is to build on our brand and continue to deliver great advice to our customers, so they feel they can revisit us for all their financial needs. We want to continue using Trustpilot in order to gauge feedback from previous customers and share our success stories with potential new clients.

Our pensions and investments arm of the business launched in early April, so we want to continue building on this element of the business in 2021.

Continuing with our podcast is a huge focus for 2021. The idea behind launching the podcast was to talk about real life situations that customers go through when they’re buying a home or looking into other elements of finance. It also allows us to untangle any mortgage myths or financial jargon that can leave some people feeling confused and not knowing where to turn next.

We are looking to expand even further into other areas of finance, with the introduction of our new wealth solutions brand in 2021 and now we have a commercial mortgage specialist as well as a businesses protection specialist on board, these are also going to be key focus areas for us as a business.